Last Updated: 07 April 2024

Could your current loft insulation be aggravating your breathing problems?

You’re probably already aware that fibreglass can cause and/or aggravate health problems, and you’re almost certainly familiar with how itchy it is, if you get near enough. The main fibre-forming substance in fibreglass, is glass. The nature of it, means it can come loose and stick to your skin, nose, mouth, and eyes.

According to Livestrong, fibreglass can cause potentially life-threatening conditions, including respiratory problems, and possibly even cause cancer.

People already suffering with asthma, or even people that have been exposed to COVID-19 could be putting themselves within harms way of severe breathing problems, when exposed to traditional fibreglass loft insulation.

Are you a homeowner?



Most homes in the UK, already have fibreglass insulation, it was originally a solution to a problem back in 1938, now you don’t have to be a scientist to know, technology and healthcare has improved drastically since the late 30’s, that’s over 80 years ago!

You’re probably wondering by now, what you should be doing to protect your family from long term health issues, the answer is spray foam insulation, it’s got none of the health dangers of fibre glass, and a few more benefits.

Spray foam insulation, can completely seal an area, leaving no cracks, gaps, or open areas. It provides an air barrier, drastically reduces heat loss, saves up to 45% on energy consumption and has a 25-year guarantee.

Below we’ve made table so you can clearly the benefits of using spray foam insulation rather than traditional fibre glass insulation.

Spray Foam Insulation
Traditional Fibreglass Insulation
Completely seals an area, leaving no cracks, gaps or open areas
Provides an air barrier
Drastically reduces heat loss
Provides an unrivalled moisture barrier
Saves up to 45% on energy consumption
Provides an effective sound barrier
Decreases dust and air pollutants leaving  a healthier property
Mould resistant and stops mould growth
Has a 25 year guarantee

The UK Insulation Scheme is helping homeowners get started on the process of switching out their old insulation today, and it’s something we really think our readers should consider. Especially since it’s saving up to 45% on energy consumption. UK Insulation Scheme have teamed up with installation partners that are allowing homeowners to install it, without worrying they can’t afford it. You really shouldn’t miss out on vital home improvements just because it could cost you a fortune upfront.

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You should find out today, if you could benefit; with nothing to lose, it’s worth a check.

Sources: Livestrong